The folks at Enterpret

🎉 Introducing Categories: A Game-Changing New Feature! 🎉

AUTHOR: The folks at Enterpret

We're over the moon to unveil our brand new Categories feature, designed to elevate experience and efficiency in your feedback analysis journey!

What's cookin' with Categories?

Four Fabulous Categories: Discover a more structured approach to feedback analysis with our four predefined categories - Help, Improvement, Complaint, and Praise. Making sense of your data has never been this delightful!

Smart Tagging: Watch as we cleverly tag keywords in records only when a category is detected, keeping your data clean and relevant.

Fixed Category Reasons: Each reason is now linked to a fixed category, making it easier to understand and analyze.

Cross-Category Merges: Merge reasons across categories effortlessly, and let our platform find the ideal match for you.

Category Filters: Hone in on the most relevant insights for your business needs by applying category filters to refine your feedback analysis.

Toggle Categories: Using Quantify or Compare and grouping by Keywords? Simply toggle "Show Categories" to make them visible.

Jump into the fantastic world of Categories today and experience a more engaging and structured way to dissect your feedback data!

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