The folks at Enterpret

🔆 New and Enhanced QueryBuilder

AUTHOR: The folks at Enterpret

Introducing the Enhanced Query Builder!

We're thrilled to present our revamped Query Builder, crafted to amp up your experience and efficiency in your feedback analysis journey!

What's cookin'?

  • Slick design: Glide through a smooth, user-friendly interface that makes feedback analysis a breeze.

  • Search with ease: Type away, and watch as we magically suggest keywords, reasons, and metadata tailored just for you!

  • Tidy filter sections: No more filter fumbles! Navigate effortlessly through neatly organized filter categories.

  • Pile on the filters: Embrace your inner filter fanatic with the "Add Filter" icon, and layer on as many filters as your heart desires.

Jump into the Enhanced Query Builder today and revel in a more casual, engaging way to dissect your feedback data!

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